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Calaisio Inc at Calaisio 8:00 AM • January 21, 2022
Casserole Dish Serving Basket
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The ultimate comfort food comes straight from the oven to your table like this legendary Pyrex round pie plate with an easy grab heat resistant, hot pot woven tray. It`s earthy hue derived from sturdy organic vines compliments any country, rustic or Americana home setting. Have a great National Pie Day weekend loaded with love and sweetness.

natural elegance, extraordinary durability
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Pampa Bay 4:38 PM • July 8, 2020
What’s on the menu for dinner tonight? We’re thinking sushi ?⁣
Rectangular Serving Piece in Thin & Simple. An incredibly versatile all-purpose serving platter makes an easy transition from oven to table. Show off your delicious appetizers, side dishes, and desserts on this beautiful platter! Crafted in stunning silver porcelain. Food safe, dishwasher safe, oven safe to 350°. Tarnish and stain-free. Easy Care.
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Vagabond House 5:45 PM • August 5, 2015
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Vagabond House 5:45 PM • August 5, 2015

Our new Scallop collection, just introduced this summer, is inspired by early American servingware designs. The simple elegance will make your signature dishes shine!

Pictured here the Scallop Oblong Tray, 16" long x 7" wide.

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